Proteus Helm

Proteus Helm and Porthole, June 2007

(Johnny, Bart, Jason, Boomer)

Bart and Milt Porthole

Bart & Milt's Porthole

Finally! It only took Milt 25 years of diving to get his own porthole. Raised from the wreck "Northeastern".

Capt. John with a porthole!

Lee, Johnny & Milt's Vials

(Divemaster Lee, Capt. Johnny & Captain/Divemaster Milt)


photo courtesy: Dennis Brown

The Deep #2. The "motherload" of medicine vials from the wreck "Kassandra Louloudis" August 2002. (missing from photo: Jacqueline Bissett)

Capt. John with a porthole!
John  has something of a talent  for finding BIG artifacts.  Porthole, City of Atlanta.

Artifacts From The Nevada

Lamp Pull
Ornamental Lamp Pull

Lamp Bases
Oil Lamp Bases


Brass Key

Gun Parts and Ammo
Brass Grips From Numbered Colt Pistols & Ammo

From The Shipwreck Proteus

Although she lies at the limits of sport diving and cooperative weather (or maybe because of that) the Proteus is a favored site for the Hatteras diving crowd.  This taffrail log was found there.

Floor tile and platter shard recovered from the Proteus. Shark's teeth collected at the 
National Aquarium in Baltimore

Fire Hose Nozzle Recovered From The-Kassandra-Louladis

Steering Column From The Keshena
Steering Column From The Keshena


Misc. valves, wheels, crankshaft bearing,fire nozzle.

Photo: Phil Jones 7/02


Captain Larry  shows off his porthole

Proteus Portholes and China 2004

photo: Ed Finck

Proteus Bell recovery team

photo courtesy: Donna Donlin / Ed Finck

Proteus Bell, nearly 100 years after it last rang

photo courtesy: Donna Donlin / Ed Finck

Proteus Bell, Initial inspection showing it's commission date of 1900

photo courtesy: Donna Donlin / Ed Finck

.44 Caliber Colt Pistol, Recovered from the Nevada. (1868)

photo: Phil Jones


It seems you have to recover a porthole to have your picture on the artifacts page...

John worked really hard but.. Jeff just "stumbled" across this one!
Go Jeff !!

All of the artifacts pictured here were gathered in only 6 dives!
Shown in thumbnail format, please click the small picture to see the larger view.

Click the Picture for the Larger View.

Ginger Beer Bottle - George Hofman
So the bottle's from Jersey. What's yer point???
Ginger Beer Bottle Recovered By Captain George Hofman on the Wreck of The Emerald.

Did you take photos on the MAC, the Dolphin,  or the Bayou Runner?
Send it and/or your log entry to us!  No porthole necessary.
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